Atlantis.  Photo: WPPilot

Maybe it’s the time of year, but I’ve been in the mood to rant lately. Here’s something else that set me off. Maybe I should stop reading newspapers….

Below is the URL for a story in our local paper about a mega-resort most of you have probably already heard about: Atlantis, on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.


I visited Paradise Island waaay back before Atlantis was built. It was a slightly sleepy, slightly tacky place, ok, but a bit too touristy for my taste.  But now, from the coral has risen a 3,400 bed resort,  with not one, but three casinos.

I get that some people like to gamble and that they might want to do it there, but here’s what I don’t get: a gigantic aquarium and waterpark ON THE OCEAN!

People bring their families to this overpriced theme park and the kids have a blast on the manmade attractions, while just outside, the ocean, with its fun waves and beautiful fish and endless wonders – all free –  takes a backseat to the pricey artificial creations at the hotel.


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7 Responses to Why?

  1. gardenpest says:

    We’ve lost our way. Senseless destruction and ignorance about our natural world. I too ask why.

  2. Lee May says:

    Add me to your rant club. It’s ever thus: Beautiful places attract rich people who figure out a way to make more money from the beautiful places, too often making them ugly. Count in that number the once-simple sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast in the American South. Why? indeed.

  3. CJ Wright says:

    Gaudy things seem especially wasteful and destructive, especially when they’re devoted to greed.

  4. CJ Wright says:

    After I read your post, dn, I read this one from another of my favorite bloggers, Eddie Two Hawks. I think you’d really like his posts, a photo and quote everyday. HIs quote today is from Thoreau on primitive nature: http://eddietwohawks.wordpress.com/2014/02/09/primitive-nature/

    “I seek acquaintance with Nature, to know her moods and manners.
    Primitive nature is the most interesting to me. I take infinite pains to know all
    the phenomena of spring, for instance, thinking that I have here the entire poem,
    and then, to my chagrin, I learn that it is but an imperfect copy that I possess
    and have read, that my ancestors have torn out many of the first leaves and
    grandest passages, and mutilated it in many places. I should like to think that
    some demigod had come before me and picked out some of the best of the stars.
    I wish to know an entire heaven and an entire earth. All the great trees and beasts,
    fishes and fowl are gone. The streams, perchance, are somewhat shrunk.”

    words: Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

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