It’s All About Lunch

This is the best of times and the worst of times for my tomato plants. The worst of times because the clever new system I decided to use this summer to hold up my plants, the “Florida Weave,” was a disaster. Instead of getting some good nylon-coated wire, I went with cheap hemp twine, and it gave out sometime in July. So now my plants are all over the ground, getting early blight and slugs. But the best of times? Lunch!

Today’s offering is a big bowl of sliced cucumber and a gorgeous Pineapple heirloom tomato, with a little Italian salad dressing and some crumbled goat cheese. MMMMMMMM!


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1 Response to It’s All About Lunch

  1. elderberry says:

    Looks delicious! As for the twine, I use the green twine from Gardeners Supply Company. It holds up tomatoes, splints broken limbs, ties up my roses for winter (and nor’easters)…and anything else you can think of. And, it holds up for more than one season!


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