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We are just back from a few days  in mid-coast Maine. Ever mindful of staying on top of The Blog, I visited a few stores there to assess the canned pumpkin puree situation. You may recall from my previous post that canned pumpkin puree is in short supply this year, and that here in Rhode Island, there hasn’t been any on store shelves.

Sure enough, the supermarkets in Maine were out of it, too. But on the way home, my husband decided to check the Shaw’s  in Freeport and there, right at the door, was a big stack of Libby’s pumpkin puree – for $1.50 a can! It looked like the store had just received a large shipment and hadn’t even bothered to put the cans on the shelves. I don’t usually buy Libby’s but my favorite brand, “One Pie,” is still MIA, so we brought home a few cans. This  afternoon, when I went to the store, they were still out of puree, so I’m glad I bought some in ME.




Elderberry wrote last week from New York City, saying that there was lots to be had on store shelves there, but HerbDoc reports that One Pie has yet to make an appearance.

And what’s up with the price increase? Usually at this time of year, you can buy a can for $1.00. Supply and demand I guess….. I am starting to feel a wee bit manipulated.


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11 Responses to More Pumpkin News

  1. HerbDoc says:

    What? What does New York have that the rest of us don’t?


  2. gardenpest says:

    Please note that my beloved Maine is approx the same population as RI! And that Freeport store is hardly a heavy hitter grocery store.

    But I digress – I’m contacting my locavor Maine friend to get his insight about One Pie. Will let you know.

    Or how about a group buying trip to Maine – just kidding. Forget it, we might be stopped at the ME/NH border on the return trip.

    Just another punkin eater.


    • dirtynailz says:

      Yes, but we checked several stores, and they were all out. The Freeport Shaw’s was the only one to have any. Of course, there is still no sign of One Pie. I would love to know what’s going on with that!


  3. HerbDoc says:

    Believe it or not, Channel 10 (700) news carried a short report from Libby’s tonight saying that canned pumpkin would be plentiful this year and there would be no shortages. I just might call Maine (One Pie) tomorrow to see what they have to say!


  4. gardenpest says:

    Adirondack Mtns reporting in: Only Libby’s at $1.69 in grocery store, boo hoo, no ONE PIE.

    My ME locavore contact had not info on One Pie – we’re all stumped. Didn’t know that the company that makes One Pie also makes Zarex (not a fond childhood taste memory).


    • dirtynailz says:

      Guess what, GP? I was in NH this week, and stopped in at Hannaford’s to check the One Pie situation. They had plenty of One Pie pumpkin, at $1.29 a can.
      I bought 6. So my question remains why don’t the stores in RI have it?


  5. HerbDoc says:

    Dave’s in Warwick had 6 cans on the shelves last week; a friend bought 3 for me. She noted plenty of Libby’s, especially the pie mix one of which I’m not fond. If you ask the local store managers why there isn’t any One Pie, they all have the same answer……’s coming in. My standard reply to that is that most women who are preparing for the holidays buy their supplies over a few weeks not the Monday before Thanksgiving!


    • dirtynailz says:

      This is all such a crock. There was plenty of One Pie in NH last week, and this week, I saw a few cans at our local Shaw’s, too – for 20 cents more than what they were charging in NH…..
      This is getting more complicated than oil pricing!


  6. gardenpest says:

    Narragansett’s Stop & Shop today: ONE PIE, hooray. 2 for $3.

    And Dirtynailz…. West Paris (where One Pie is made) may be near McLauglin Garden (approx. name), hear great reviews about the place.

    Was fun to track pumpkin-economics across the NE region.


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