New York’s Christmas markets

New Yorkers love their Christmas markets. (We should have more of those here in Rhode Island, I think.) I was visiting recently and they weren’t too crowded yet. This is the Union Square Christmas market, a mix of crafts and food, most of it high quality. I bought some really cute handmade earrings here – for myself.

These inflatable dog-models caught my eye. They were wearing raincoats, which might be great for some dogs, but my corgi don’t need no stinkin’ raincoat.

On the sidewalk next to the market, a man was selling these beautiful, hand-made painted eggs. They were all lovely, and I managed to choose one, for only $10.

Next, we went to the market inside the magnificent Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.

The architecture,  Gothic and Romanesque revival, is jaw-dropping.

This was a very high-end market. Both the crafts and the displays were stunning.

Shoppers browsed, glancing up occasionally at the soaring vaulted ceiling and the stained glass windows, which are numerous and awesome.

My final market was at Grand Central Station. A little more crowded, a little noisier,  but still fun.

The aisles weren’t too cramped and there was room to browse comfortably. Last year I went to the Bryant Park holiday market, so I wanted to check out some different ones this time. If you go, very early December seems like the perfect time. Festive –  but not yet frantic.


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4 Responses to New York’s Christmas markets

  1. Anubis Bard says:

    While it’s no St. John the Divine, the Saturday farmer’s market at the Old Velvet Mill across the border in Stonington borough is well worth a visit. They are turning that place into quite the labyrinth.


  2. CJ Wright says:

    Now I’m really homesick. St. John’s is one of my favorite places in the City. Remarkable. It was a treat to see your pics. Merry Christmas, DN. ❤


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