Tiny trees

This is our tiny Christmas tree, which I retrieved from a ditch in our former neighborhood 18 years ago. It was the first and only time I have stopped to pick up a discarded item in a ditch, but something about it just got to me.

The tree is only about three feet tall and stands on a table in our living room. Once we bought lights and began collecting ornaments for it, it started to look pretty, and we’ve been putting it up ever since.

Many of the ornaments are designed for larger trees, but we don’t care. We just get what we like.

This squid was a gift from my husband, who bought it on a business trip in the Pacific northwest.

The polar bear is from my sister in Canada and the pig was made in Peru. I like to squeeze the pig’s stomach every once in a while.

I found this little bagel at the Union Square Christmas market in New York City. I like how one of the lights shines right through the hole.

My sister-in-law gave us this sweet corgi.

And what tree is complete without a horseshoe crab? We bought this in Maine. It is made of metal and very life-like.

We are fond of bats. This was a find at another New York Christmas market, at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. I bought it from the artist who made it.

And our ’50s era flying saucer, purchased at a funky store in New York several years ago. I like how it’s tilted, as if in flight.

Our other tiny tree comes from Germany. I bought it in Munich a few years ago. It is made entirely of wood, and has small, wooden ornaments. The tree folds flat and stores in a box that holds everything perfectly. I decided to enhance it with lights this year, and it is our centerpiece for the holidays.

I wish all of you a happy, relaxing holiday and a peaceful and prosperous New Year. 2019 will mark the 10th year (yikes!) that I have been writing this blog. Thanks to everyone for reading.


About dirtynailz

Writer for a daily newspaper, gardener, tree hugger, orchid-grower, photographer, animal lover, hiker, wilderness seeker. Proponent of clover in the lawn and a dog on the bed.
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1 Response to Tiny trees

  1. CJ Wright says:

    Your Christmas tour was fantastic, dn! Ornaments bring back such memories. ❤ I cracked up about squeezing the piggy's belly. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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