Sugar Scrub

Rough “gardening skin?”  Herbdoc has the cure:

If you’ve been in the market for exfoliating scrubs lately, you know how expensive they can be.  Here’s a simple recipe to make a wonderful exfoliating scrub that will leave sensitive skin smooth and moisturized.  It makes a great gift!

What You’ll Need (to make 1 jar)

1 jar, glass or plastic with lid

1 cup sugar

½ cup vegetable glycerin* (or baby oil or virgin olive oil)

1-2 teaspoons Vitamin E oil (optional)

1-2 drops essential oil (try orange or lavender)

small handful of dried herbs/flowers (Lavender,

chamomile or rosemary are good choices)

1.  Mix the sugar and vegetable glycerin in the container.

2.  Add the essential oil.  (Remember lavender is soothing

and orange is invigorating).

Vitamin E will act as a preservative.  If it isn’t used, your

product will have a limited shelf life (14 – 24 months).

3.  Add and mix the flowers/herbs.

4.  Include a tag with the ingredients and “how to use”:

Place small amount on a washcloth and rub in circles to

exfoliate.  Rinse well.  If the mixture sits for any length of time, it may

need to be stirred before use.


1.  Plastic jars may be safer to use in the bathroom.  I saw some cute ones

in the local dollar store this week.

2.  Vegetable glycerin is usually available in the skin care aisles of the

drugstore, but some pharmacies keep it behind the counter.  Ask the



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2 Responses to Sugar Scrub

  1. Wendy says:

    I may use this recipe for gifts for next year. I like how sugar scrubs are easy to find nowadays. Many years ago, all that was out seemed to be salt scrubs. I had a great one by Origins, but ouch it’ll let you know if you have any papercuts!


  2. herbdoc says:

    I happened to be in a few stores yesterday, and the price of sugar scrubs was $20 – $28! Outrageous when you can make them for so much less! You can delete the flowers/herbs if you wish; I like to add them for color and texture.


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