Best and Worst Garden Gifts: Part Two

A Bromeliad wreath from the Logee's catalog

My “Garden Aunt,” Edith Ann, humbly submits her five best and five worst gardening gifts. As always, please feel free to heartily agree, vehemently disagree, or add your own.


  • A wheeled garden cart that you can sit on and store tools in
  • A large plastic tarp with handles – lots of uses!
  • Assorted pretty ceramic houseplant pots
  • A handsome outdoor planter
  • A gardener’s journal with a 10-year span


  • Bug zappers. They kill indiscriminately
  • Cutsie bird houses and feeders. I like them to blend in
  • Knee pads. They never stay in place
  • Those glass watering balls for houseplants. I hate the way they look.
  • Garden gnomes.


About dirtynailz

Writer for a daily newspaper, gardener, tree hugger, orchid-grower, photographer, animal lover, hiker, wilderness seeker. Proponent of clover in the lawn and a dog on the bed.
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2 Responses to Best and Worst Garden Gifts: Part Two

  1. Peg says:

    Haha… I have garden gnomes, pink flamingos, bunny statues… I have a 10 year old daughter! I DID manage to get her to take the reindeer made from a toilet-paper roll off of the middle of my Mantlepiece Christmas decorations without hurthing her feelings…

    If I get a gnome as a gift, I simply find a nice spot for it in the garden and learn to laugh!


    • dirtynailz says:

      Like everything else in the garden, ornaments are always a matter of personal taste. Enjoy your gnomes and whatever makes you happy!


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