Unusual Containers

Here’s another post from our favorite herbalist…HerbDoc.

One of my favorite things to do at this time of year is pot up some herbs or shallow rooted veggies in things that aren’t normally considered containers.  These are usually just outside my kitchen on a second floor deck where I can snip as needed.

The herbs do especially well here since they receive sun all day, and the shiny aluminum or enameled colanders are perfect for attracting the sun’s rays.  Don’t spend a fortune on these; look for them at flea markets and yard sales where they can be purchased for as little as fifty cents.

I line the bigger colanders with fiberglass screening to keep the soil in place, but if you’re lucky enough to find an old sieve on legs, like the one in the photo, no screen is needed.  The fiberglass screening is available at any of the big box home improvement stores and is usually inexpensive.

You'll find some interesting containers right in the house.

The sieve is filled with arugula and mixed lettuce while the colander holds basil, thyme, salad burnet and oregano.  Don’t be limited by food items as the pots look terrific with low growing flowers or succulents.

For your food items, fertilize with a low concentration of an organic fertilizer, and pinch those herbs often to retain their shape.  Be aware that your creations can dry out quickly on a hot summer day and may need to be watered more than once.

These make great hostess gifts to bring along to that Memorial Day or Fourth of July barbeque!  Have fun…the sky’s the limit!

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2 Responses to Unusual Containers

  1. Joyce C. Torrice says:

    Hi and good morning again….beautiful pictures…took me back to whem my mom would jar her tomatoes and many a day I worked with her with the cone shaped colander….we threw it out would you believe…because my creative juices were not working during that sad time ….I will hunt one down though and think of you and my mom as i plant away….

    GREAT INFORMATION as always.


  2. herbdoc says:

    That’s where my came from, handed down from Grandma to Mom to me. I used it often when I first started canning, but with the advent of so many modern tools, it had been stuck on a shelf with its legs and the wooden tool that is used with it. Over the years I’ve given a lot of these items a second look, and they become really neat containers or decoration for something else. I’m sure if you take a look at local yard sales etc., you’re bound to find one. If I didn’t have the legs, I would make it hanging planter with chains!


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