Neck Pumpkin!

Dirtynailz post about pumpkins reminded me that you must all be breathlessly awaiting the final installment on my original post from March about Neck Pumpkins, White Greasy Beans, and Blue-Podded Peas. You are, right? Well, you can finally breathe, because here is the final installment. (You can see my report on Blue-Podded Peas here and White Greasy Beans here.)

Here is my entire Neck Pumpkin crop.

(Yes, we had a bumper crop of non-neck pumpkins this year. I’m taking orders…) I got one fruit. I think it may not have been in an optimum spot for sun. But what it lacked in numbers it made up for in weight. This baby was over 7 pounds of almost pure flesh. So once I peeled it and chopped it up…

…which, by the way, I had to do in two batches, as the neck pumpkin was huge, then baked it and pureed it…

…again, in two batches, I found I had enough neck pumpkin puree for 3 pies. Three yummy pies. I made one and froze the rest of the puree for Thanksgiving.

I found a recipe for “Amish Neck Pumpkin Pie” online (of course), but it’s just a basic pumpkin pie recipe, and I’m sure any decent one will do.

So the final verdict on my 2010 garden experiments? All three were quite successful. Admittedly I didn’t get a lot of production from the neck pumpkins, but seriously, how many pies do you really need? I wouldn’t have minded a few extra to give away, but I was pretty happy with what I got. I can’t wait to try some new and exciting stuff next year.


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4 Responses to Neck Pumpkin!

  1. Wendy says:

    that long skinny neck is misleading huh! That produced a lot of food!


  2. gardenpest says:

    I so enjoy your posts b/c of the wide variety of topics and I always learn something. And now I know a wee bit about long neck pumpkins!

    Your photos are crisp – do you use SLR or straight digital camera?

    Now I’m hungry! Please pass me some pie.


    • auntie beak says:

      thanks, i use a canon powershot digital camera. it’s main virtue is that it fits in my handbag. and virtual pie coming your way… did you want virtual ice cream with that?


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