The Ultimate Urban Dog Park

As I explained in my last post, I was in Montreal for several days recently. One of the nicest things about my former city is Summit Park in Westmount. Sitting at the very top of the mountain, this wooded area has been left largely untouched, except for the paths that wander through the woods. The great thing about those paths is that they are open not only to people, but to dogs.

Summit Park, seen from the road

I walked up to the park early one morning to catch the action. Dogs are allowed all day, but they are free to run off leash before 9 am and after 6 pm. Yes!

Many people walk their dogs here before and after work. It gives the dogs a chance to blow off steam, and the owners enjoy the wooded paths – even in the weak watery light of November.

Fun, fun fun!

Dog waste receptacles and even bags are thoughtfully provided. The fine for not picking up after your dog is stiff: $300. I did not encounter any dog waste, so the incentives –  and deterrents- must be effective.

I will leave you with the famous shrine, St. Joseph’s Oratory, which looms beyond the trees on the north side of the park.

The Oratory


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6 Responses to The Ultimate Urban Dog Park

  1. Martha says:

    That certainly looks like a really cool park. In all the years I lived in Montreal, I never visited it (or even knew of it). Maybe because I never had a dog?

    But the famous shrine, St. Joseph’s Oratory? I’ve been there countless times, starting at the age of about 3 or so, maybe even younger. My parents used to take me and my brothers there almost every year when we were little. And then I took my own kids up for visits in my adult years. It’s a beautiful tourist attraction, and a terrific place to take lovely photos.


    • dirtynailz says:

      Summit Park is also a great place for people without dogs. It’s very woodsy and peaceful up there. Maybe you knew it as “the Westmount mountain.”
      When you went to the oratory, did you ever see people climbing up those steps on their knees?


      • Martha says:

        Oh my goodness, yes, I’ve seen people climb those steps on their knees! Ouch!

        And you know, maybe I did know of that park. Westmount park sounds very familiar. Maybe I’ve been there and just never knew the name! 🙂


      • dirtynailz says:

        I gather you don’t miss Mtl…..You seem happy in your new town. Honestly, I don’t miss it either.


  2. Rosie says:

    Are dogs allowed to run off leash during breeding season??


    • dirtynailz says:

      I believe dogs are allowed off leash (early am and after 6pm) throughout the year, but I will check to be sure. It’s not cool for the birds if they are, I know.


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