Here We Go Again…

The Quonset Business Park

Once again, the so-called “authorities” are doing something unbelievably short sighted and stupid. Rhode Island is home to the Quonset Business Park, which has so far enjoyed some success, particularly as a port for the transport of cars.

Until recently Quonset also boasted about 400 acres of forested, mostly public land. But then someone decided the park would be so much more attractive to prospective businesses if they clear-cut the whole shootin’ match and replaced it with grassy  “pads” and those pathetic little trees that landscaping companies always plant badly and end up dying.

Was there any permit required to destroy hundreds of mature trees? Nope. Does the state of Rhode Island even have a forest conservation plan? No. Is there any guarantee that once all those trees are gone and replaced by grassy “pads” that businesses will rush to set up shop there?  Of course not, especially in the current economic climate.

So this tiny state has lost yet more precious forest – carbon-absorbing forest – and a few tree cutters made some money.

Does anyone care about a few hundred trees? I do.

For more on this latest environmental travesty, click here.

Editor’s note: We are standing by awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Irene. If you don’t see new content early next week, it’s because we had to evacuate. I will try my best to keep you all posted, and wish me luck!


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4 Responses to Here We Go Again…

  1. cj wright says:

    What is wrong with people?! This kind of “development” is so wrong.

    We’ve had a big change in my part of the world, too, though not that severe. Cumberland Island has been a wilderness area forever. Recently, Congress took that status away and is now requiring the Island to have 5 driving tours a day.

    I’m holding good thoughts that Irene will not visit you. We’re not on her predicted path, but hurricanes don’t always watch the weather channel. 🙂


  2. MT says:

    I remember your dad once had a photo of Manitou, where there was hardly a tree in site. He also had a photo of the port showing huge pieces of lumber being shipped to Europe in the early 1900’s. All that clear cutting has now been taken back by mother nature.
    This doen’t forgive what you’ve reported but mother nature is fighting back. I’m surprised that RI is so environmentally ignorant.
    BTW, stay safe this weekend, and tape your windows if nothing else.


  3. Wendy says:

    ooh, I can’t think of where this is… Is this on the old military base off route 1? I used to live in the King’s Grant apartments right across the street when I was in college. I need to check this out…


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