Here’s the Damage

Yes, we are still without power, so I am once again writing from a cafe in town.

I had a chance to take some photos of my post-hurricane garden, and I am sharing them with you. What’s most interesting about this experience is seeing which plants survived and which ones didn’t. This depended a lot on where they were planted, but it also depended on plant type. The fleshy ones seemed to be more vulnerable.

Can you ID this plant? It's morning glory, pulverized by the wind.

And here’s my Joe Pye weed – flattened.

Joe Pye Weed is now Joe "Bye" weed

The Tithonia is barely recognizable, but it still might bloom.

Now for the good news:

The zinnias weren't completely destroyed.

The eggplants are OK, too.

And finally, the tomatoes. Before the storm, I pulled all of them out, along with their stakes, except for a single plant – “Great White.” This I allowed to sprawl naturally, as a kind of experiment. Check out the photo below. Maybe I should have done this with all my tomatoes…

My "Miracle Plant"

I must get into the garden this weekend and do a clean-up. I guess I’ll plant some carrots where the beans used to be.


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5 Responses to Here’s the Damage

  1. cj wright says:

    If Joe Pie Weed wasn’t broken, try staking them. I’ve had broken Joe Pie Weeds continue to live and bloom even after they’ve been bent to the ground, though your’s may be broken too far down. They’re very resilient here. Give it a try. I’m crossing my figers for you.


  2. Martha says:

    It’s amazing that any plants survived. Well, at least you’re okay; that’s the most important thing! The rest can be fixed.


    • dirtynailz says:

      I know. That’s what I keep telling myself. This power outage thing is wearing mighty thin, though. They promised they’d have it back on last night by 6. Well, we’re still waiting…..


      • MT says:

        DN, a generator is such a handy thing to have. I picked up a small unit at Home Depot for $125, It’s model # HGCA1400. It may not be on the shelf but they do sell it. I used this to run my power tools up north until I was hooked up to Hydro. It will run the essentials in your home, To keep the noise down I would run it as needed. I know, I know a little late now. But keep this in mind for the future once this is over. Mike


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