Another Pumpkin Shortage? You Betcha!

Last October, I wrote (more than some of you probably would have liked) about the pumpkin shortage here in RI. I referred to it as a “crisis” and while it may not really be as serious as that in the grand scheme of things, pumpkins are icons of fall, whether they are carved or used as decorations, or, best of all in my opinion, eaten. It is the simple pleasures of the seasons that we gardeners love, after all – simple pleasures like pumpkins.

I thought we had come through the 2010 shortage and emerged in the light of plentiful supplies for 2011. But sadly, that is not the case, so here I sit, writing about this YET AGAIN!!!

Libby’s, which sells the most canned pumpkin, blamed the 2010 shortage on too much rain. So guess what? The same thing’s happening again, only now producers from the mid west all the way to Canada are blaming flooding from Tropical Storm Irene, oh, and a nasty fungus, too. One Vermont grower said he saw 15,000-20,000 of his pumpkins wash into Lake Champlain! The flooding from Irene was horrendous there. If you would like to read more grisly details click here.

Before I move on to other things, I do have a couple of questions: wouldn’t you think that large commercial producers would have the sense to distribute their crops over different areas to avoid having everything ruined by bad weather in one place? And what is happening to my favorite canned pumpkin, “One Pie?” Once again this year – and it’s only September – the shelves are completely devoid of this wonderful product. The company has no website, no mailing address that I can find and I can’t find a phone number either, so I can’t contact them and ask what’s going on.

I used one can from my small stash last weekend, when my husband pleaded for a pumpkin pie. Now I think I’m probably down to about 4 cans. He owes me big time.

If you see One Pie pumpkin anywhere, please let me know.


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8 Responses to Another Pumpkin Shortage? You Betcha!

  1. cj wright says:

    Oh, no!! I did a quick online search for you and there are plenty of others who are looking for the One Pie brand, too. I know how you feel. I searched endlessly for a specific brand of a mixed salad spice in a grinder with no luck at all. It’s like losing an old friend. I’ll keep my eyes peeled down here in the south and, if I find any, I’ll buy them up for you.


  2. cj wright says:

    No, I don’t recall that brand, but I never looked for it. It may be regional.

    Do you know the Odd Lots, Big Lots, or whatever else Lots stores? They often get “discontinued” items, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that some will show up there. If they do, I’ll be packing a box for you.

    That’s where I found my salad spice grinder and also where I found some dragon fruit sodas that I can’t find anywhere now.

    Ahhhhhhh…..longing, longing….


    • dirtynailz says:

      Those stores are great, and you’re right, I often find things there that I thought had disappeared forever.
      But One Pie…I doubt I would find it there. I’ll keep looking though!


  3. Donna B. says:

    !! That explains why there was only one thing of Libby’s Pumpkin Puree when I had to get supplies for my boyfriend’s birthday ‘cake’! [he doesn’t like cake – it’s pumpkin pie or a loaf! Mmm…]
    How depressing. I think I’m going to try to grow my own pumpkins instead next year… I took a beginner’s course [I get all the things; p. mildew, blight, borers… ugh.] and grew some “Jack-B-Little” babies for decoration, and I had two plants with six fruit! Those are good odds!
    I shall keep an eye out for ‘One Pie’! I live in NJ! We have TONS of stores to check out, hahaha!


    • dirtynailz says:

      I was in ME and NH over the weekend and the shelves were completely empty. None to be found.

      Please let me know what you find – if anything…..


  4. Chris says:

    One Pie stopped production after the 2010 supply ran out..they are now canning again and say that it should hit the Stop & Shop and Shaw’s stores anytime now.


    • dirtynailz says:

      Wow! That is great news, Chris. Thanks for writing. I don’t know what it is about One Pie, after all, it IS just pumpkin, but it’s better than anything I have ever tried, and their pumpkin pie recipe is the best.


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