Heirloom Madness

Hi, all! Auntie Beak here (remember me?). I just popped by to tell you all about an article I was just reading on NPR on heirloom vegetables. This paragraph jumped out at me:

Today, heirloom crops have become so popular, that some people treat them like precious works of art. In his book, Gettle recalls attending an auction where buckets of heirloom vegetables were being sold for around $1,000.

Rich people: just plain stupid or really incredibly stupid? I report, you decide.

Also, too, that had better have been a charity auction!


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1 Response to Heirloom Madness

  1. cj wright says:

    If it was for a charity, very benevolent. If for a salad, incredibly stupid!! If for seeds, still stupid.


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