Fall in Maine

A window box in Wiscasset with historic buildings reflected in the windows

Why do we love to drive up to Maine when we live on the RI coast? It’s different, that’s why. And that means that it’s also refreshing, mentally as well as physically. The lobster boats are different, the coastline is rockier and in my opinion, more interesting, and the air even smells different. Lobsters are cheaper there, too – just $5 each!

Speaking of lobster, I took a stroll on a dock in a beautiful coastal village called “Friendship,” and watched the lobstermen, still hard at work and making the most of  it before the cold weather sets in. This guy was preparing bait for the traps.

We took our time and strolled around the different towns’ historic centers, often without seeing another tourist. Bliss!

A "gift shop cat"

Early November can be a wonderful time to visit – IF you get good weather, which we most definitely had. I don’t have any garden-specific tidbits to share with you from this trip, but I thought you might like to see some photos of the towns we visited.

Late afternoon in Belfast

Belfast is an interesting and artsy town. Check out this amazing trompe l’oeuil on somebody’s door!


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12 Responses to Fall in Maine

  1. gardenpest says:

    OK ,so now you woke me up and I agree with you wholeheartedly, The one Maine asset that you didn’t mention is its people – decent hard working people – most of them without the attitude seen in southern New England. It’s not unusual for me to hear non-Mainers ask, “Are people always that nice there?”. Yes.

    Friendship is famous for its sloop making or perhaps I’m mistaken.

    Belfast is an amazing town – active year round, one of the oldest food coops there, fab local theater group (Maskers), local artists, and co-op housing nearby (intergenerational).

    Generally I avoid the tourist-heavy town of Camden but the town library has a lovely park (a Farrand design?); Merry Spring Bay park has trails, and the local mountain offers spectacular views and hiking trails. You can also drive to the top.

    A homesick Mainer living in exile.


    • dirtynailz says:

      I can see how you would miss it, GP. I did not mention Moody’s Diner in my post, but I am assuming you have eaten there. A wonderful part of the world in general, I think.


  2. gardenpest says:

    Oops, did you see the film Empire Falls – Paul Newman, Aidan Quinn, shot in Maine – captured the quirky decent nature of people there, class issues, etc. Just saw it, recommend.


  3. cj wright says:

    Beautiful photos ~ the kind that make you really want to be there. 🙂


  4. The door is delightful. I’ve read a few novels set in Maine. Interesting to see picture pictures to set against the word pictures and the ones they made in my head.


    • dirtynailz says:

      The door is amazing. It looks even more real in a photograph.
      Yes, Maine really is just as you think – or hope – it’s going to be. Not many places are like that.


  5. gardenpest says:

    “Maine – the way life should be. ” Did I mangle the state slogan?

    About 30 mins south of Belfast is Rockland, home of the fabulous Farnsworth Art Museum (think Wyeth family). Unfortunately several national print and tv media sites have named it a “best town” to live, to eat…. Rockland also is a working fishing town; that’s no small feat, so many of our US fishing ports have seen the loss of the fishing industry for a myriad of reasons.

    Oh my, that tangents I take. Thanks for letting me reminisce.


  6. HerbDoc says:

    My favorite state! I used to get groans from my kids when I said my idea of heaven was to buy a hundred acre piece of property in Maine with a farmhouse plunked right down in the middle of it! We loved to take the (old) Bluenose ferry to Nova Scotia for a day trip and spend several other days just potting around Maine every year. Haven’t done that in a while; should do so soon. Thanks for the memories!


    • dirtynailz says:

      I have so many great memories of Maine, too, HD. Our family would spend a week there every summer. There’s a large, treed island off the beach where we used to go, to this day I dream of having a cabin there. I don’t know what it is about the place, but I sure do love it.


      • MT says:

        The sea, the Appalachians, the people. There are many reasons to be drawn to Maine and the Maritimes. My mother,who is from Antigonish , told me so many stories as I growing up that I’m yearning to visit there again.


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