Celebrate the Birds

A macaw at the Foster Parrots bird sanctuary in Hopkinton, RI

Here’s Elderberry with some thoughts on Bird Day:

Did you know…January 5 was National Bird Day! Why do we need a national Day for birds? Well, if you are a bird fancier it is a no brainer and doesn’t need an explanation, but you can read the reasons on the website at: http://www.nationalbirdday.com/index.php

This is more than a celebration of birds.  It is your opportunity to get involved with educating the public about the many things that affect birds and are harmful to them.  You can find out about issues that affect captive birds. Learn about things you can do to make your bird happy which is so very important to these non-domesticated residents of our homes.  And, one of the best things you can learn is how to make your windows more bird friendly – as many as 1 billion birds are killed annually by colliding into windows!

So check it out…participate…and love your feathered friends!


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2 Responses to Celebrate the Birds

  1. cj wright says:

    Thanks for that link, dirtynailz. Lots of birds hit our windows, which are pretty big and there’s lots of them. I can’t do a lot of what they suggest, but I especially took note of these two tips. It never crossed my mind to keep the plants away from the windows. I mean, that’s where many of them thrive, right? The bird feeder placement tip is really good.

    8.Position houseplants and flowers away from windows where they cannot be seen from outside to reduce the likelihood that birds will see them as sources of shelter or food.

    9.Strategically place bird feeders and baths to reduce collisions. Keep birdbaths and feeders closer than 3 feet from the window or farther than 20 feet away. If the birds are very close to the window, they will not build up sufficient speed for an injury if they fly at the window, and if they are much farther away they will be more likely to avoid the window or recognize it as part of the house.


    • dirtynailz says:

      You’re welcome! My problem is keeping my houseplants back from the windows.I have kestrel decals on my windows, too, which seems to help.


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