Mad! Mad, I Tell You!

Here’s some madness from our dear friend and tech wizard, Auntie Beak:

okay, you’re gonna all think i’m crazy, but this morning i looked at the 10-day forecast, and saw 40′s all the way, and only 3 of the next 10 nighttime lows below freezing, and i said to myself, “self,” i said, “you’ve seen colder APRILS than that. how much worse could it get between now and the middle of march?” so i grabbed a couple packages of pea seeds and a couple packages of spinach seeds, and went outside and planted them. in the ground. outside. in february.

you can all point and laugh when we get that late february blizzard. or i can be eating fresh spinach in march. time will tell…

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8 Responses to Mad! Mad, I Tell You!

  1. Lazygardener says:

    Looked outside this morning, Auntie?? I blame you.


  2. HerbDoc says:

    Had to slip and slide to a training at the university this morning! It’s all your fault, Auntie, although my herb beds have been calling me for a week and I’ve had a problem ignoring them! 🙂


  3. Auntie Beak says:

    i see the “pointing and laughing” phase of my experiment has begun…


  4. cj wright says:

    Come on down south to get your garden jones on. It was 80-something yesterday and today. That’s toooo early, way too early.


  5. HerbDoc says:

    Agreed! When it goes over 80, I’m in big trouble! Give me cool any time of the year!


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