Jumping the Season, Update

so dirtynailz asked me to do a follow-up on the Mad, Mad I Tell You post about how i saw an, as it turns out, extremely optimistic 10-day weather forecast and went out, in february, and planted peas and spinach. in the ground. outside. in the winter.

i so far have mixed results. no sign of the peas yet, but check this out:

Spinach Seedlings

Spinach Seedlings

’at’s right, folks, read it and weep. actual spinach seedlings from a february sowing. outside. in new england. in march.

i will continue to keep you posted.

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7 Responses to Jumping the Season, Update

  1. Gardenpest says:

    nice to see your adventurous spirit and results. thanks for posting. please let us know results of the final taste test!


  2. cj wright says:

    It’s crazy everywhere! I have petunias and million bells in hanging pots that bloomed all winter. They should have frozen before the end of 2011. My money is on your seedlings doing just fine. It was 87 degrees in middle Georgia yesterday. Everything is blooming.


    • dirtynailz says:

      Petunias? That’s amazing. I thought annuals just sort of petered out, even if they didn’t freeze.


      • cj wright says:

        I was out this morning and discovered some buds on my pineapple sage. It’s going to bloom. That usually happens September or October. This is very unusual.


      • dirtynailz says:

        Well, we were skiing in Vermont today and the temperature was 77!!!! Way too hot, and also very unusual.


  3. cj wright says:

    I just saw today’s weather and the predicted temp is 90. That makes it a pretty rotten day for gardening beyond the early morning hours. I watched a rather depressed weatherman on tv yesterday talking about the amazing above average temps across the country ~ 30-40 degrees above average in Chicago, for example.


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