New Favorite Garden Plant

i think i’m in love (don’t tell my husband). i have a little garden in front of some windows that we see every time we go up and down the stairs, so i like it to look nice as long as possible. we added a little fountain last year, and had to cover it with an ugly plastic cover for the winter because it’s not frost-proof. but even with the ugly cover, the garden was a happy sight, because the hellebores i bought last year started blooming in december and just never stopped. they were amazing (they are Helleborus ‘Rosemary’ and i got them from Prides Corner Farms.) and now, as you can see, we’ve uncovered the fountain, much to the delight of our cat, who spends hours a day watching the water and drinking from it. and posing with the hellebores!



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4 Responses to New Favorite Garden Plant

  1. That is a very pretty sight! And what a cutie your cat is.


  2. cj wright says:

    Lucky you! There are no hellebores in the nurseries here. They say it’s too hot for them here, but I really want to try them anyway. Aren’t cats and water too cool?


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