The New York Botanical Garden III: Roses

The above photo might give you an idea of the size of the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden at the New York Botanical Garden. I say might, because you have to see it to  understand the scope of this display.

Designed in 1916, completed in 1988, and renovated in 2006, this garden features “sustainable” varieties – 600 of them. Described as “one of the world’s most environmentally-friendly rose gardens,” it certainly is a rose-lover’s paradise. I still couldn’t determine whether they still spray occasionally or use other chemical treatments on the 4,000 plants, though. Everything looked pretty healthy, and I don’t remember seeing any black spot.

I loved this in-your-face red climber.

These standards were set off nicely by plantings of deep blue Angelonia at their bases.

Another cool thing the designers did was to leave the allium heads after they had bloomed. They looked great among the roses and provided some interest and contrast.

Here’s another view of one of the large beds and a couple of those marvelous standards.

Another lovely climber. Sorry I can’t give you the names of these plants. Honestly, at this point, I was hot and tired and needing to get some shade. This garden is very, very sunny and hot, which roses love – and I don’t.

Interesting color, no?

A large bed of what I believe is “Carefree Delight.” Very pink and exuberant.

The garden is home to the Northeastern “EarthKind” trials. Researchers are trying to identify and hybridize roses that thrive without chemicals. The goal is to dispel the rose’s reputation of being chemically-dependent.

Notice the visitors bending down to smell the blooms? I do that, too, and I am always disappointed when a rose has no fragrance.

In my next post: other stuff I saw on this visit.


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6 Responses to The New York Botanical Garden III: Roses

  1. Gardenpest says:

    Laughed when I read your “honestly, I don’t care what these rose names are….” – the heat and sun were intense that day and many of us tired by day’s end. I know I was. Thanks again for posting this photos – wish I had your camera; what kind is it?


    • dirtynailz says:

      Oh good. I’m not the only one who was overheating!
      I had my hat all ready to bring and of course I forgot it.
      My camera is a Nikon Cool Pix 8800 – not an SLR, but it does have a great zoom. I was fed up carrying lenses with me and wanted something of high quality but more portable. This camera is really all I need for the stuff I do.


  2. Simon Smith says:

    Stunning photos – you’ve well and truly convinced me to visit next time I’m near NY!


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