Something Different


HerbDoc has some thoughts on a different species of oregano:

My go –  to herb garden in Connecticut always offers something new and unusual to add to my ever growing collection. On my last trip, I purchased Cuban variegated oregano, Plectranthus amboenicus variegata. This popular herb is used in both Spanish and Cuban cooking. I’m told that it is delicious deep fried in batter but I haven’t tried it yet!

I can say that it has a heady oregano aroma! Its fleshy oval leaves have very distinctive shallow white edged teeth around the perimeter. It is said to prefer full sun and rich well-drained soil and grows to 12 inches tall and some 20 or so inches across.

Since it’s a tender perennial, I intend to grow it with my other herbs that winter indoors – the bay, lemon verbena and a few smaller rosemaries.


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6 Responses to Something Different

  1. cj wright says:

    I’ve had deep fried sage and it was soooooo good, herbdoc. I would imagine that this oregano would be, too. Thanks for the tip!


  2. herbdoc says:

    I’ve never heard of that either, CJ, but I plan to look it up. Sounds like a good addition to those Thanksgiving hors d’oeuvres! If this oregano tastes anything like it smells, it must be heavenly!


  3. cj wright says:

    It was delicious! Served with sagey mashed potatos. A fantastic Thanksgiving side.


  4. herbdoc says:

    If I can find the proper batter recipe I’ll try both and let the readers know! 🙂 I think it has to be somewhat on the lighter side so it won’t overwhelm the herbs!


  5. Melanie says:

    I’ve grown it for 3 summers. I just think it’s pretty. Cuttings root very easily.


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