Is it me?


This is my key lime tree – although it’s really more of a sapling, or perhaps a twig. I have had it for about six months, and it has done absolutely nothing. No growth whatsoever.

It is in a very bright south – facing window, and I have given it a special citrus fertilizer, (Growmore 7-3-3) all for naught.

I will admit that I have never been able to keep a citrus tree happy, except for the grapefruit I grew from seed but had to leave behind when I moved here from Canada. I gave it to my aunt, but it met a sad end when it was blown over in a storm.

Please write in with your tips for growing citrus trees indoors. I am trying to so everything right, but obviously, something is wrong.

This is the last time I will ever buy one, I swear.


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11 Responses to Is it me?

  1. Andy Brown says:

    I have no experience growing citrus, but I wouldn’t expect growth in the wintertime. I assume the sunlight is too weak to accomplish much beyond keeping it alive. When I lived in Ireland everything stayed green, since the weather rarely got cold — but also nothing much seemed to be growing. The days were short and the sun stayed low.


  2. herbdoc says:

    I’m surprised it isn’t doing well for you! Citrus generally like bright light, and if I know you, it’s on the table with that great big window in front of it! My only suggestion is to raise the humidity by either standing it on a tray of pebbles with water or running a vaporizer or humidifier in the area.
    Our houses tend to be very low in humidity this time of year, and citrus like it much higher. Fertilize once a month from March to August and only every couple of months from September to February.
    Keep the soil evenly moist and let it dry out between waterings (like your orchids!) I’m not sure about limes, but I know that dwarf lemons like about a half day of sunlight before they look happy.

    Just to let you know that one of the new orchids I bought through the mail dropped all of its leaves within days! Being a novice, I had no idea why, but when I looked it up, it was deciduous…phew!
    Now it is setting what looks like bell shaped buds! I’m so excited as I haven’t brought any orchid to bloom!


    • dirtynailz says:

      Ah yes, the deciduous orchid. I have two of those. They look so darned dead when they’re dormant.
      As for my lime, I do have a humidifier going in the room, but I will try the tray and pebbles thing, too. It gets plenty of sun, so that’s not an issue.


  3. Lee May says:

    Wish I could help, but I’m looking at a lime that is 4 feet tall but hasn’t bloomed in the four years I’ve grown it. I’m now resorting to deprivation of food and water, hoping to shock it into setting buds. Stay tuned.


  4. Andy Brown says:

    I guess that New England citrus industry won’t be threatening Florida and California anytime soon.


  5. I have a little Tahiti lime tree in the garden. Was looking ‘arrested development’. I trimmed the uninspired bit off the top, and hey presto it begins to pop out fresh leaves. I’m GROWing, all right?! And I’ve realised the citrus also want more water than my waterwise garden was getting.


    • dirtynailz says:

      Hmmm Maybe mine is not getting enough water. It gets a good watering at the sink each week with the majority of my orchids. I will try to give it more. As for the “trim,” I’m not sure my little thing would survive it. Maybe as a last resort….I may try that anyway, though.
      Happy New Year, Diana.


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