The construction/destruction continues


So now we have a better idea of how monstrous the neighbor’s garage is going to be. Notice how it just about perfectly eclipses our view. It’s almost as if he had it designed to do that.

Here’s a closer look:


And the giant earth mover remains, squatting on the heap of mud that was once a wildflower meadow.


In economics they call this an “externality.” I call it a disaster.


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10 Responses to The construction/destruction continues

  1. herbdoc says:

    Absolutely awful! Does anyone need a garage this high unless they’re building boats? The officials in South Kingstown should be ashamed of themselves.


  2. That is one huge garage! What’s he parking in there? An airplane? How sad that you are losing your view 😦


    • dirtynailz says:

      And he already has a two car garage. He is just such a horrible neighbor. I have no idea why he needed to build something so high for CARS, and even less idea how the town could have granted this variance. It is affecting so many people.


  3. herbdoc says:

    It just dawned on me that since he is so close to a coastal waterway perhaps Coastal Resources should have been involved. Were they?


  4. Mike says:

    I’m sorry to see you’ll be loosing your view. No doubt it was something priceless.

    It looks like this will be more than a garage, but rather a carriage house. I can relate to this as my carriage house has 5 British cars in it at the moment, with room for three more. I must admit, aside from the location, it does look like an interesting project. (If it doesn’t blow over first. look like the carpenter’s are living dangerously).

    Many communities these days limit contruction on the shoreline, so it can be appreciated by the community. My guess is that the driving force here is tax revenu.

    I do hope for your sake that there is something left to view when it’s done. But I fear that you may need a line of trees to soften the view.


  5. mmgcc says:

    DN, have a look at There’s quite a nice “cabin” for sale on Manitou. Thought you might like to read this. (no need to show this on your blog)


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