Caving in


In a recent post, I wrote about how I was not planning to grow much from seed in my garden this year. But I still couldn’t resist buying some seeds, mostly vegetables but a couple of ornamentals, too.

(Is the instinct to grow things something we gardeners are born with, or something we acquire? Why the urge to plant seeds in the ground as soon as the days get longer?  I digress.)

I ordered this year’s seeds from Baker Heirloom Seeds, because I like their selection, and I get off on saving seeds from the previous year’s harvest even more. Buy once, grow for years. What’s better than that?


In addition to growing “Cherokee Trail of Tears” from last season, and “Scarlet Runner,” as much for the hummingbirds as for ourselves, I am trying a new pole bean this year: “Gold Marie Vining.” I don’t have sufficient room to grow bush beans and I do love the yellow ones, so I’ll see if these fit the bill. The description on the package says they are “rampant” (great!) and produce “gorgeous” pods, which can be eaten even when they exceed eight inches. This variety was nearly lost, but thanks to backyard seed savers, it lives on.


I am growing two varieties of peas. The first is:“Golden Sweet” which as its name implies is yellow. It’s delicious, so back into my garden it will go.

I’m also trying a pea that’s new to me: snow pea “Corne de Belier,” which, in French, means “Horn of Aries.” This pea is really old, dating back to 1860. The pods are large and flat, and good for eating raw, steamed or stir fried.


In the ornamentals department, I bought a packet of “Giant Primrose” sunflower seeds, which grow up to 12 feet tall and have pale yellow petals and dark brown centers.

Finally, my old favorite, Tithonia “Torch.” This striking orange Mexican sunflower really livens up my garden. I’ve been planting it for years, but lately I’ve noticed it growing in many more gardens. I guess it’s catching on.

And they threw in these free lettuce seeds – “Red Romaine.”


As always, I’l keep you posted on how everything does once I get it into the garden. Oh, and for the record,  I DO NOT have any commercial relationship with Baker, or any other seed company.


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Writer for a daily newspaper, gardener, tree hugger, orchid-grower, photographer, animal lover, hiker, wilderness seeker. Proponent of clover in the lawn and a dog on the bed.
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5 Responses to Caving in

  1. Kathy says:

    Such pretty packages! I’ve also caved in and bought a few. Face it! We’re incorrigible! I think we should do a post on organics, certified organic, GMO seed etc. There are SO many questions out there, and a lot of folks are confused regarding definitions.


  2. gardenpest says:

    Thanks! Love the cover art – perfect poster art. Am heading to MO in next few months and will check if Mansfield MO is near our locations. Will check to see if they have retail operation.


  3. Kathy says:

    Will do if I can get my act together! They say a snowstorm tonight so cabin fever may be just the impetus I need!


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