Gross but effective

As anyone who spends time in the outdoors knows, this is deer fly season. They’re impossible to ignore because they are so persistent and their bites hurt – a lot.

My friend and I were hiking recently and they were so bad, we were considering heading back to the car. Then I remembered the deer fly strips in my pack, unused since last summer.

You peel off the paper from each side, leaving a sticky death trap facing out. Stick the back of the strip to your hat and wait for the flies to meet their makers.

We noticed after a few minutes there weren’t as many of them buzzing around, and when I looked at my friend’s strip, it was absolutely covered with dead and dying deer flies!


These strips are non-toxic, portable, and easy to use, and the adhesive doesn’t leave a residue on your hat. I ordered mine online. Great score.


About dirtynailz

Writer for a daily newspaper, gardener, tree hugger, orchid-grower, photographer, animal lover, hiker, wilderness seeker. Proponent of clover in the lawn and a dog on the bed.
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7 Responses to Gross but effective

  1. Wow, there are so many of them. And I didn’t realize they are so big! At least you had a solution. Without those fly strips, there’d be no choice but to head back to the car!


  2. auntie beak says:

    zowie! i ran out of patches and got nailed by a deerfly this morning! gotta go order some more asap!


  3. CJ Wright says:

    Your post title says it all, dn. Ewwwww.


  4. Kathy says:

    I bought about 50 of these last year, and they really do work! The blue hat helps too; for some reason they just adore that color!


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