The flowers of Neustift

I couldn’t resist taking some photos of the flowers I saw in Neustift, Austria. The plantings,  most of which were annuals, were typical of what you see in the Alps.

Unlike my containers, which tend to get straggly by the end of the summer, these were thriving. Is it the air? The water? A secret alpine fertilizer? Or good old TLC?

DSCN1038One of several nurseries in the village.

IMG_2270A flower box on the wall of an alpine hut.

IMG_2271Geraniums are very popular here.

IMG_2312Skis sit in a rental shop, waiting for winter. I liked how the mountains were reflected in the window.

IMG_2306There were so many window boxes, I didn’t bother photographing most of them. This hotel, however, really stood out. I loved the way they mixed plants and colors.

IMG_2307This village cat was also colorful.


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Writer for a daily newspaper, gardener, tree hugger, orchid-grower, photographer, animal lover, hiker, wilderness seeker. Proponent of clover in the lawn and a dog on the bed.
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6 Responses to The flowers of Neustift

  1. Diana Studer says:

    The windowboxes in Switzerland are also amazing. Perhaps it’s simply that they start fresh each year? New potting soil, new plants. While I neglect my poor pots and expect them to keep going. When I was in Zurich I shared an office with a colleague who loved her potted plants, such dedication. Puts me to shame!


    • dirtynailz says:

      Well, I start fresh each year too. I learned my lesson after one disastrous summer when I thought I could get away with leaving the tired old soil in the containers.
      I guess it has to be the TLC then.


      • Diana Studer says:

        I had the same – how do they achieve that – question about all the hanging baskets at London pubs. I guess the garden gnomes just work hard behind the scenes. Water, feed, replace anything second-rate?


      • dirtynailz says:

        Probably all of the above. Maybe their nursery stock is better, too.


  2. Amazing photos! Love them. And look at all those beautiful window boxes on that hotel. What a sight! What a cutie that cat is; looks like s/he is speaking to you 🙂


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