Let me begin on a positive note, by thanking fellow blogger Laurie Eno of The Daily Corgi for cross posting my last entry about my corgi’s shedding. I had a HUGE spike in readership, all thanks to her. Please take a minute to check out her well-written, funny and informative blog.

Annoyance #1: This post was a long time in the writing, all because I was a good little Mac user and obediently downloaded the latest update. When I went to upload photos, iPhoto was gone and in its place, a completely different platform called “photos.”

It would be nice if Apple warned its users of these sorts of changes BEFORE they downloaded updates. At the very least, they could have warned me that I would have to change the way I store, sort and post photos. But they do not give a shit, so they didn’t, and I am still trying to figure out how everything works.


Annoyance#2: Ugly lawn ornaments are appearing everywhere, all made in China and designed to eclipse any natural feature with their gaudy colors and kitschy messages.

Here’s another sample:


Annoyance #3: Poisonous chemicals like this, which are mass marketed to people who are too lazy to dig out their weeds. A veritable plague.

IMG_4286Thanks. I needed to get that off my chest.


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5 Responses to Annoyances

  1. auntie beak says:

    aauuggghhh!!!! i HATE photos, too. you can still find your iPhoto events in the sidebar, in the folder labled iPhoto Events (oh, yeah, turn on the sidebar—view menu). and you can make a new event in that folder by using the contextual menu (right-click if you have a 2-button mouse or control-click) on the folder labeled “iPhoto Events.” one of the menu choices is “new album.” then you can go back to your photo stream and drag photos into the newly created event (okay ALBUM. whatevs.).

    if you’re used to exporting your photos in specific sizes, you can find that little goodie in the export dialog box, but you have to flip the “flippy triangle” next to the first drop down menu to get it.
    um, what else? i hate the new “adjustments” menus, but i guess they work okay. they’re just different.

    and you’re right, a little warning would have been nice. sheesh.


  2. CJ Wright says:

    My mac upgrade really messed me up, too, dn. I was using Parallels, which I also had to upgrade as a result. Now I have no Parallels, bootcamp is screwed up, and I’m now having to use two computers. Apple blames Parallels, Parallels blames Apple. No one fixed it. A real pain! Those other annoyances? I with you a 100%. Especially the round up. Their commercial with the lazy man on the driveway spraying away at a tiny little weed? I hate that!!!


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