Spring Planting


Here’s a post from my good friend, HerbDoc, who is always up to interesting things in her garden. Welcome back, HD!

It seems that every year, a container calls me to be planted. In very cold April, it was this cute little vine and moss teapot that beckoned. I envisioned it perched in the middle of my glass table on the deck where it now stands surrounded by other plants waiting patiently to be put in the ground. Eventually it will stand alone!

It is as much fun to decide what should be planted in a container as it is finding the right one.  I love the organic, non-GMO “Freckles” green romaine, which is a bright green splashed with crimson markings. It has upright growth, is crisp in texture, and is very heat tolerant. Set it off with a sprinkle of yellow pansies and variegated thyme, and it’s an ode to spring. When the romaine goes by, I’ll replace it with various tea herbs for snipping all summer.

If you find a container like this one and wish to plant it, I’d add a soft plastic bag to the interior to hold the soil, so it will last more than one season. Maybe I tend to be pennywise, but these containers can be pricey, and will easily be destroyed if they get too wet!




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2 Responses to Spring Planting

  1. CJ Wright says:

    That container is so cool! The lettuce is a new one to me. Did you plant from seed or seedlings?


  2. Kathy says:

    Thanks, CJ! Freckles is a very old heirloom variety that dates back to the 1790’s in Austria. Many of the companies that sell heirloom or organic seeds carry it, but I was lucky enough to find some seedlings in a little out of the way place this year. I’m sure you’ll like it if you grow it; it’s not only tasty but it’s so pretty on salad plates!

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