Think before you release

13062168_848907798547635_7223556516925329752_nThis Facebook image shows just two of the 13 sperm whales that washed up near the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. It was determined that they died of starvation because their stomachs were filled with plastic debris.

Here’s a link to the story if you want to read more:

Most of us are already aware that there’s a huge problem with plastic trash in the our oceans. But some people don’t make the connection between ocean trash and their own actions here at home.

One of the most destructive things we can do, especially here on the Rhode Island coast is release helium balloons into the sky. You might think you are making a grand spiritual gesture, but you are actually dumping plastic into the sea for turtles, fish, sea birds and marine mammals to eat – which is not even remotely spiritual. It amazes me that state like RI would even permit these. They are illegal in Connecticut and several other states.

With wedding season approaching, I do hope people will reconsider any balloon releases they might be planning. And COME ON Rhode Island. Get with it for goodness sake. We need to ban this practice here.

More information on the destructiveness and stupidity of balloon releases can be found here.


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4 Responses to Think before you release

  1. GardenPest says:

    please write an article with photos for local papers and projo – people don’t know this. these balloons should be banned. Thinking about the many upcoming summer ceremonies, events and parties releasing this balloons. My heart aches already for the damage they do to earth’s creatures.

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  2. CJ Wright says:

    Most plastic products should be banned because we people don’t know how to handle it. Ease is preferable to responsibility. What was wrong with glass and paper and proper recycling? People could even make a little money recycling bottles.


  3. dirtynailz says:

    I think it’s too late now, don’t you? Plastics are entrenched. But disposal can be regulated…


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