The Bridge of Flowers revisited


We returned recently to the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls, MA. We had an out of town guest who wanted to see it and I never need much persuading. This is the first time I have seen it in August, and it was stunning.

Built in 1908, the Bridge of Flowers is a former trolley bridge. When automobiles and trucks came along, the company that owned the bridge went bankrupt and for two years, the bridge was unused. In 1928, a resident suggested turning the bridge into a giant garden, and in 1929, loam and fertilizer were spread over the span. By 1975, it was determined that the bridge was deteriorating, so in 1979, it was re-built. The perennial beds are still maintained by volunteer gardeners.

IMG_9087The bridge is open from early April until the end of October. There’s no set admission price, but there is a donation box at the entrance.

IMG_9089The bridge spans the Deerfield River, making the setting even more lovely. This gnarled Wisteria was in bloom when I visited last spring.

IMG_9102The Bridge of Flowers is a major tourist attraction that creates all kinds of beneficial spin-off business in the little town.


And there’s is more to see here. The glacial potholes are just a short stroll away.


Old buildings provide plenty of interesting opportunities for a photo geek like me.


Many of the quirky structures, like this gift shop, hang out over the river.

IMG_9120Shelburne Falls is a very dog-friendly town, with water bowls in front of many of the stores. However, understandably, the bridge itself is off-limits to dogs, even if they are carried.

Here’s a last look at one of the bridge plantings – a low-maintenance combination I love.



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4 Responses to The Bridge of Flowers revisited

  1. CJ Wright says:

    What a beautiful place. I see why you don’t need much begging to go there. Lovely.


  2. GardenPest says:

    TY – a lovely prompt for me to visit there. Your photos are so appreciated and you always give such a sense of place. Am happy to hear that tourism helps to support the town- often this area is overlooked by the Berkshires crowd.
    / GP


  3. dirtynailz says:

    It’s hard to take a bad photo there, GP. But I do enjoy all the interesting photo opps. You MUST go. It is a perfect day trip from RI. If you do go, let me know and I will tell you where to eat along the way!


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