img_9860Narragansett Beach was the place to be on Sunday, just before the supermoon. Astronomers don’t use that term, which was coined by an astrologer in the 1970s. The technical term is perigee-syzygy. Nit-picking aside, the proximity of the moon to earth resulted in a greater variability between high and low tides. This was the beach on Sunday afternoon. Huge and glorious, and the tide wasn’t even all the way out.

img_9865If you look closely, you can see a diver’s flag next to what remains of a sunken barge. In the nearly 20 years I have lived in southern RI, I have never seen that wreck exposed.


When our dog took a dip in this large tidal pool, we were all (including the dog) surprised when two large fish started jumping out of the water as she swam. Obviously they had become trapped, and there was enough water to keep them alive. We couldn’t tell what species they were, but there were at least a foot long. I wonder if they made it back to sea.


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  1. CJ Wright says:

    Wow! Great reporting, dn. I love this article.


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