A summer oasis, for a song

When we bought this house a couple of years ago, the covered front porch was bare. I wondered how and even if we would use it, and now, this is where I spend much of my free time during the summer. As you can see, it isn’t a large space, but it’s a very pleasant place to sit and listen to the tree frogs and the owls and the whippoorwills.

The challenge was to furnish it comfortably without spending thousands. I bought the chairs and coffee table, as well as a loveseat that’s on the back deck, as a set, at our local supermarket (!) a few years go for less than $300. The outdoor rug, from Rhode Island’s iconic Job Lot store, was $10, and I’ve had that for a few years as well. The ottoman with the beige cushion was a birthday present to myself last summer – $200 I think – a splurge, but I am so worth it.

This sweet tabletop fountain came from my favorite local nursery. I wanted one with a flat surface to encourage birds to use it.

I bought this little corner table at Home Goods for about $10, if I recall.

A slightly different view. The throw cushions are from Pier 1. The sabre – leafed ficus lives outdoors all summer and sulks for a couple of months when I bring it inside. I have two hummingbird feeders hanging where I can watch the action (which is considerable these days) and that cuphea, or cigar plant on the left also brings them in close so I can watch them feeding.

Now I have a comfy, tranquil spot to watch birds, read, and drink my morning coffee, and the roof provides shade and allows me to use it when it’s raining. A great deal of enjoyment for very little money.


About dirtynailz

Writer for a daily newspaper, gardener, tree hugger, orchid-grower, photographer, animal lover, hiker, wilderness seeker. Proponent of clover in the lawn and a dog on the bed.
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2 Responses to A summer oasis, for a song

  1. CJ Wright says:

    It’s beautiful, dn! You did a fabulous job. The flat fountain is such a good idea.


    • Cynthia Drummond says:

      Thanks, CJ! It was fun seeing how little I could spend. What I didn’t mention in the post is that the plumeria cost more than the ottoman. 😉


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