Watch for Asian Longhorned Beetles Now!

Female ALB. illustration: US Forest Service

This is my third post on the subject of Asian Longhorned Beetles (ALBs) . Considering what is at stake – our eastern forests – I should probably be writing even more often about these insects.

These unwelcome visitors arrived in the United States in wooden pallets, and proceeded to kill every tree in their paths. Worcester, Massachusetts has been particularly hard hit, losing about 25,000 trees at last count. For more background information on the ALB, go here.

The big worry is that the beetles could be living undetected somewhere and that it will be discovered when the damage has already been done. So it is very important that we keep our eyes peeled for signs of the beetles, especially now,  in July, when they emerge through dime-sized holes in tree bark after spending the winter as larvae, feeding on heartwood and killing trees.

Watch for holes like these. photo: USDA

Please be on the alert for these devastating pests, and report any insects – or their signs – that you see.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Asian Longhorned Beetles have been discovered in Boston. A small infestation was found in six maple trees at Faulkner Hospital in Jamaica Plain, near the Arnold Arboretum. The trees have all been removed, and officials are now trying to determine the extent of the infestation. People living in the Brookline, Newton and Boston areas should be especially vigilant.


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