The Wizard of Nuts

This tool is called a “nut wizard.” I have been eying these for a while, because we have oaks and we all know what they produce. I just want to get the acorns off the lawn and out of the gardens so they don’t germinate there. Once they are gathered, I leave them for wildlife in a wooded spot in the lower section of the yard.

The small nut wizard (pictured) costs about $65. I had read the reviews, not all of them good, but the negative ones were often written by people who have pecan trees and thousands of nuts to gather. When my sister bought one and told me how much she liked it, I took the plunge and  bought one, too.

This works like those old fashioned carpet sweepers. You push and pull it back and forth and the metal basket scoops up the acorns. To empty the basket, you just separate the metal wires, which are quite flexible, and dump out the acorns. It comes almost fully assembled. All I had to do was screw on the wooden handle.

The nut wizard is made by Holt’s Nut Wizard Inc., of Douglas, GA. I went on the Holt’s website and was pleased to see that all their products are made in the USA. And they make several different wizards, to pick up everything from ammunition to tennis balls and even trash.

This is not a mast year for us, but we still have plenty of acorns to gather. I’ll write an update on how the nut wizard holds up.



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13 Responses to The Wizard of Nuts

  1. What a nifty tool! I don’t have any nuts to gather, but am thinking of what else I could use it for.


  2. GardenPest says:

    Hi DN, oh that makes 2 of us. Last year I bought my “nut wizard” from an Indiana family firm, all USA made. Works like a charm, esp. since the small attachment for a bucket allows us to drop a load of nuts into the bucket without bending. So lightweight and effective. Love my hand tools!
    Happy Acorn hunting, I’m happy to share mine with you, lol


  3. GardenPest says:

    DN, Please let me know if I’m out of line here. Last year I bought 2, the small and extra small. Both work fine with oak acorns but having 2 units is redundant for me. In fact, it’s a pleasure to use and spares you annoying bending over. Rolls easily on uneven ground and under shrubs. Obviously it works better on smooth surfaces but it is still effective on uneven ground but you may need to do an extra pass to pick up that final pesky object. Bye bye acorns. I’v read that people also use at the shooting range to pick up ammo. I also use it on my deck to pick up those darn acorns.

    Please let me know if anyone is interested in buying the extra small, which picks up 3/8 ” – 2″ round and oval items, such as oak acorns and brass casings 9mm and up. The catch basket is 5″ by 6″ and holds 1.5 quarts. Its handle is the standard 4 foot wooden one but a longer handle is available at Holts. Lightweight 2 – 3 lbs. Stores easily. Manufactured in US. Its 1 year warranty just expired. I could probably include the off-loader piece as well.

    I purchased this a year ago 10/18/2016 and used it only once because it duplicated my small nut wizard. Total purchase price was $50 plus shipping $13. Currently Amazon’s Holt’s seller lists it at $66.95, including shipping. Given its excellent condition, I’d like $40 for it, plus 1/2 of shipping cost. Am willing to deliver if you’re in the area.

    Best wishes to you, have a wonderful and beautiful autumn.


  4. CJ Wright says:

    That looks fantastic. I visited their site and looked at the pine cone wizard. Wow!! I could really use that one! Thanks for this, DN.


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