Some fall things

This is the Pawcatuck River, which flows out to Little Narragansett Bay. The removal of the Kenyon Mill dam at this site in Richmond, RI in 2013 was part of a larger effort to remove several colonial era dams to allow fish like river herring to once again make their way up the river to spawn. I was out here for work last week, and when I saw this lovely scene, I had to stop to appreciate it and then take a couple of pictures.

Rhode Islanders like to complain about the weather, but we have had a really fabulous fall in our state. The scene in the above photo is pretty much what it’s been like this October – deep blue sky, plenty of intense red leaves, and pleasantly warm so you can pause to enjoy it all.

To top it  off, we  have a flock of stately wild turkeys strolling through the neighborhood. I see them almost every day and I often have to stop the car to allow them to cross the road. I hope they are gorging on ticks as well as acorns.

When I Googled wild turkeys, at first, all I could see were websites about how to hunt them and how to deal with “problem” turkeys. (Someone should draw a cartoon of a turkey reading a book on how to deal with “problem” humans.) But eventually, I came upon a fascinating book about wild turkeys that is chock full of details about their history and their habits.

I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely season.


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2 Responses to Some fall things

  1. CJ Wright says:

    That picture of the river is gorgeous, DN. Did you kick off your shoes and get in?


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